home practiceI am a self proclaimed yoga dork. If it deals with yoga chances are I will take notice. I love this practice, and not just asana. I really think there is something you can gain from the 8 limbed path outlined in the yoga sutras. I have a love affair with Ashtanga yoga.

Born and raised in Louisiana up until 1997 when my family relocated outside of Chicago, Il. I lived outside of Chicago for around 4 years. I found my way back south temporarily in Louisiana before I met my husband in 2000 and then transplanted to Georgia which has been “home” ever since.

I moved to Georgia late 2000 and have been in Newnan ever since. Newnan is 10/31/2003a growing town about 45 miles south of Atlanta. We live on acreage and enjoy our quiet space. Contemplating future plans of a little farm with lots of veggies and fruit trees, goats and chicken. In regards to yoga in my area there is not a lot offered.  However, for my own personal practice I tend to practice solo at home in my sunroom. Which is a very intimate way to really explore this yogic path.

Home Yoga Space

I eat a plant based diet and that means no meat of any kind. Period. I’ve been this way since 2007. My husband and I do not have children of the 2 legged variety. Ours come with four legs and a tail. Granted my kids tails are more like nubs. Meet my kids: 1st photo is of Chai and meet little Oliver. Chai1  hi mom

MagdelanaAnd meet Maggie; She is our old lady cat that we rescued back in 2002. She doesn’t like to be held, but she loves for your to rub right between her ears.

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  1. Of course! I would love to help and support!

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